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Helping you create the website and/or branding of your dreams.


What I



Website Design

Working together, we'll create a layout of the Wix website that you want. This includes pages, design elements, "aesthetic vibes", and more. At the end, you'll have a beautiful site for your readers to visit. *Includes a mobile site.


Website Design & Branding

I offer fFull- scale branding and website design. This is best for those that have neither and need help with finding developing their branding and putting it all together on in a website.



We'll work together to hone home in on the kind of aesthetic you want. This includes colors, fonts, and a simple/minimalistic logo. 

II mainly work with one or two clients at a time., that This way, I can focus and get complete the projects done within a reasonable timeframe.  as well as aim to hitI also work to meet any deadlines one you may have, especially if you're an author!

If you have a specific budget, we'll work within my hourly rate to get you a site that you love.

**Domain name and Wix plans are costs you will have to plan forincur separately - We can gowill through review these the costs of these if need benecessary.

Schedule a free consultation

Check your email within the next few days from me!

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